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The Hospital's Ultramodern Radiology and Medical Imaging Department

Welcome to the ultramodern Radiology and Medical Imaging Department at our hospital. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art imaging modalities and a team of dedicated specialized radiologists and technologists, led by a highly qualified and experienced senior consultant radiologist.

RIS/PACS Integration: Our department is at the forefront of technology, utilizing a virtually paperless and filmless approach through the integration of RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) with our HIS (Hospital Information System). As soon as an investigation is completed, the images are immediately available to radiologists and physicians for viewing and interpretation. This seamless process avoids any delay in patient management. Interpretation reports and images are accessible at all times, not only on radiologists' and physicians' computers but also on their smartphones, even when they are outside the hospital or off-duty.

MRI Services: Our department is equipped with the latest MRI machine (1.5T) that provides accurate imaging of various areas, including the brain, spine, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, breast, abdomen, and pelvic organs. We offer unique whole-body MR imaging without external coils. Our advanced MRI techniques include Functional MRI for the brain, breast, and heart, Diffusion MRI with ADC mapping and diffusion tensor imaging, MR Spectroscopy, Perfusion Imaging, MRCP of the biliary tree, and MRU of the renal system. Dynamic contrast studies for the pituitary gland, breast, liver, and kidney, as well as MR angiography of the vascular system throughout the body (with and without contrast), are also available.

Multi-Slice CT Scan: Our multi-slice CT scan technology has significantly enhanced diagnostic capabilities while reducing examination time. With our cutting-edge device (Multi-slice-64), studies can be completed within seconds. We offer high-quality 2D reformatted and 3D reconstructed images, including volume rendering and surface-shaded imaging, which are valuable for imaging the skeleton, vascular system, chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

Ultrasound Services: Our department features a sophisticated new ultrasound machine capable of performing vascular color Doppler, ultrasonography of superficial parts such as the breast, thyroid, neck, and scrotum, in addition to routine ultrasound studies. We also offer fine needle aspiration and transrectal prostatic biopsy. Our equipment utilizes advanced techniques that enhance traditional 2D ultrasound scans, providing a more detailed and comprehensive examination. Ultrasound guidance is the modality of choice for radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors.

Digital Radiography: We have advanced X-ray machines with digital X-ray detectors, replacing traditional photographic film. This technology offers several advantages, including time efficiency by bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Additionally, digital radiography allows for lower radiation doses while producing images with superior contrast compared to conventional radiography.

At our Radiology and Medical Imaging Department, we are committed to providing the highest quality imaging services using cutting-edge technology. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering accurate and timely results to support optimal patient care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our comprehensive range of imaging services.